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Kona dawg supreme 2010

OrpeeMTBerOrpeeMTBer Posts: 4
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Hello peeps , I've seen a 2010 Kona dawg supreme frame going for the right money but dont know nowt about the frame as in are they any good , do they climb well , desent well etc any feed back would be good , nice on :?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Depends on the rider.
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  • I have recently got a '08 Dawg Primo, is my first FS and I love it.
    Obviously very different from the Giant HT I otherwise ride, but instantly happy on it, handles really well IMO and the climbing is fun (judge me as you see fit!)

    I feel very confident on the bike, enough to properly chase the guys down the decents!
    I know from other reviews there's a lot been said about ppl feeling perched too high up with BB height being higher than some other brands, but personally I really like the way it rides.
    In the last couple of months have been to Wales a fair amount on it as it doesn't really do it justice on a lot of the flatter XC stuff we can ride around here, but it is off to Scotland at the weekend, which really is down to a mixture of improved personal ability but also confidence to push myself harder and tackle things I wouldn't do on my beaten up lil' HT.

    Still love the HT for Xc races, but for has now the Kona definitely has me doing the idiot grin :lol:
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