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Left Crank Arm & Squeeky Brakes

danoiddanoid Posts: 2
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Had to change my inner tubes the other day, so I did that but then couldn't get the wheel back on due to me fiddling with the brakes, so this closed the pistons on my discs.

Little did I know they were closing so I prised them back but fluid went everywhere including my pads.

I succesfully bleeded the brakes today and I have strength back in them, however it's now making a god awful squeek which vibrates when I'm nearly stationary, is this because I mananged to get mineral oil on my pads?

I have Shimano BR-M486's

Also when cycling my left pedal was making a creaking noise so I thought i'd take it off, grease it up and put it back, except I believe when they fitted them at the place I bought, they cross threaded it, so now I have a knackered crank arm.

I believe i've seen the ones I need, but there £30 or so squid, which isn't a lot except everything seems to be going wrong recently and if I can i'd rather fix it cheaply.

Can I get any old crank arm, as long as it's the same length and square tapered (which mine is - All though i've seen online some pics say it's squared but it actually looks like a star to me)

btw, I am a noob, but my bike for the last 2 years has just worked fine.

It's probably due for new pads all round anyway, but I seem to be having problems finding a brake spacer for it, unless anyone knows where I can purchase one from.



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    New pads, clean the rotors with isopropyl alcohol.
    Any square taper will fit, as long as it is square taper, but if it's star shaped it's not square taper.
    You need to make sure the crank length is the same.
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  • GTD.GTD. Posts: 626
    not all square tapers are the same way round there seems to be 2 standards 45° apart

    Shimano use one and Truvativ use the other


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