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dazza3512dazza3512 Posts: 58
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hi guys,any reccommendations,either way on comfortable touring specific cycling shorts, i use lycra padded ones at the moment but i am thinking of investing in a pair of" baggies".
have looked at all the usual,ie, altura,dare2b,maddison,can,t belive how exspensive these things are,so if anyone has any ideas/reccs,i would love to hear from you.

regards :P
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  • Edinburgh bike co-op own brand (Revolution) Trail baggies, made by Endura, Come with removable padded liner, cracking value at 40 quid a pair, even better when the sale is on. Look great off the bike/in the pub/cafe as well. (They have a branch in Byker)
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    But you still have to wash the shorts every night.
    I wear lycra padded shorts with some lightweight polyester gym shorts on top if I feel the need for decency. It also prevents excessive wear on the shorts, gives you some useful pockets and gives you 2 layers of material for crash protection (one layer slides over the other, reducing graze injuries)
  • Better just to wear lycra. It doesn't get heavy and all flappy when it's wet and it dries quicker.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    I've been riding for the last few months with hiking shorts form Decathlon. Quick drying, zip pockets and aren't particularly baggy.

    My advice though would be to look for shorts that take a belt. Also cargo pockets can be pretty useless if they are too low - anything in them bangs about irritatingly - best bet is higher and on the hip. Avoid baggies that are too big and heavy.
  • I'd agree with andymiller that good touring shorts should have a belt. My favourite touring shorts were made by Gore Bikewear, I got a pair in a bargain basement sale a few years ago, but so far as I can tell from the website, they are out of production now.

    Although their sizing can be a bit random, I've found that Endura make some of the best shorts, they are very practical and look good. the Zyme 3/4 is very tough and practical, although the material isn't the quickest drying.

    A lot depends on where you are cycling - for hot weather, you want something very airy, for places with very changeable weather, its worth considering waterproof shorts (DHB have a very good minimalist pair using eVent) or softshells.
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    Wear your lycra with some touring shorts over the top, I've done many a mile with this combo with no issues.

    Something like Surface Liquistretch or Rapha tour.
  • I have used lycra under hiking shorts but they can be a bit hot in warmer weather. The other option which I like is cycling padded underwear and hiking shorts.
    In France this year it was very hot so I wore lycra on the bike and slipped a pair of shorts over them on stops and sightseeing so as not to frighten the children or animals (my wifes' advice).
  • thanx everyone for your input,have gone for a pair of marksies blue harbour zip of trousers with a pad underneath.

    cheers :D
    He travels fastest who travels alone
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    roberts8 wrote:
    I have used lycra under hiking shorts but they can be a bit hot in warmer weather. The other option which I like is cycling padded underwear and hiking shorts.

    You can buy undershorts which are lighter and more breathable than lycra shorts, but have a proper pad.

    There are these frm Ground Effect for example.
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