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  • JediJedi Posts: 827
    but once they’re up in the air there is little you can do to get them change where they land or how they move under you
    everything is done before take off :)
  • racheldawnracheldawn Posts: 3
    suzyb wrote:
    Maybe us women are designed to be that little bit more cautious so we don't die and leave the kids motherless.

    My motorbike instructor said something similar to me but he meant it as a positive. He said women make good motorbike riders as they have a natural survival instinct. I dont think its a rule though as I seem to see so many women with far more guts than myself! And recently I have been told of a few guys that dont attempt some things that I dont attempt.

    I have been riding a while really with breaks due to college work and lots of things but I lost my confidence on a fall when I started out. A new section of follow the dog on cannock chase opened with rocks curling round onto a boardwalk. I had only ridden the old route before a couple of times and decided to ride this in the rain on a hardtail with no skills, slipped and bashed my hip, leg and knee quite badly on the edge of the boardwalk. I have never ridden it again! And generally avoid the trail or anything too difficult (I do prefer natural trails anyway but would still like to be able to do it!). But recently I have decided to try to build my confidence up and as you said I have started slow and just try one thing at a time as too much technical stresses me out. Over the past week I have done a couple of things that may seem small to other people but I was scared of it or didnt think I could do it and managed it. So I can now say ''I was scared of that, but I did it, it wasnt that bad actually''. I think a key thing also is that my boyfriend and riding partner is normally pretty hard on me (which doesnt help does it?) but recently he has been more patient and helped me learn. So a good riding buddy must be important.

    My aim is to mix up some not technical but fitness with a bit of technical to learn each ride and enjoy it. If your too hard on yourself I think it spoils riding and having fun is the whole point. But at the same time I can take the easy way out too quickly so I need to make sure I try something each time I go out!
  • Mental MickeyMental Mickey Posts: 406
    Jedi wrote:
    lots of good mtbers have a background in horse riding.

    Danielle, I know it;s a long way to travel but my answer was going to be, get yourself to Hertfordshire to see Jedi, he's already appeared in this thread which saves me the bother of looking up the name of his company.

    I intend to see him myself one day, heard nothing but great things about his ability to turn even the most nervous of riders into a confident and competent rider, able to tackle big jumps and all sorts, that's why I wish to see him myself and I'm sure his methods will help you with the DH stuff, which if course is the big league on mountain bike anyway.

    Good luck with getting your confidence back whatever you decide to do.
  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    So I've been getting out at least twice a week recently for some really decent rides and I was building my confidence and fitness up. I was really enjoying myself and thought I was getting my mojo back, then my non-boyfriend suggested we went for a ride (I don't usually ride with him) and took me on a loop round Ladybower in the Peak where I ride all the time...........

    .................. but then insisted we incorporate 'the beast' at Hope Cross

    Now I can handle every other descent in the area, but this one I have not tackled for a good couple of years, when I remember having to push down half of it.

    I kept going far too slowly and stopping becasue I was panicking, then had to walk my bike back up the hill again so I could re-do the bits I bailed on. I did do it all on the bike (just) but it was in very broken sections and I hated every second.

    I KNOW I am technically good enough to do everything on there, I just have FEAR FAIL!!!!

    I then did another descent afterwards that I fly down with confidence most weeks and was [email protected] myself on that becasue the beast had messed with my mind.

    Aaaaargggghhhh :evil:
    Ride it like you stole it!
  • Richie63Richie63 Posts: 2,132
    I then did another descent afterwards that I fly down with confidence most weeks and was [email protected] myself on that becasue the beast had messed with my mind.

    Aaaaargggghhhh :evil:[/quote]

    The gores Dh I reckon can mash you up a lot more than the Beast 'cause of the speed you are doing it at. It's quite right to be cautious on this run.
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  • hi danielle,

    ive been riding about 4 years now and ive only had 2 off's, neither any damage but they shook me up like what youre describing for a few months - 6 months after the event.

    my only advice is it takes time unfortunately, but once you get the confidence back you can block out those nagging negative thoughts and trust that you are more skillled than you used to be.....

    also helps who you ride with i find.

    adele x
  • grant43grant43 Posts: 170
    hi i know im not a girl(well only at weekends lol)i had a bad crash when someone tied some wire across a cattlegrid nearly took my head off it put me off riding but when i got out of hospital got my bike and went back up there and rode through the area full belt and i was sorted
    keep smiling no matter how much it hurts,commencal ramones 1 loving it lol
  • DanielleTDanielleT Posts: 259
    I recently went on the jumps and drops course run by Helen Gaskell and girlMTNbiker, it was totally awesome and helped me with my confidence no end on the day. However, after not really going out and doing any proper XC or DH since, the fear is creeping back in. It really is daft as I know I can do these things but I can just picture myself stacking it bigtime and i'm so scared of hurting myself.

    Its also really stupid but I cannot watch people hurt themselves. Watching the DH on freecaster this weekend, I had to cover my eyes when they were showing riders going down the rock garden. The time when I was brave enough to watch, one guy went OTB very badly and his arm did not look attached 'blurrgghh!' guessing collar bone went...

    I know its a consequence of the sport but it totally freaks me out but then again when i'm feeling ok riding my bike is one of the best things to do. Bizarre how the mind works hey?
    delightfully dangerous!
  • 8) Hi Danielle
    I have just had a experience falling during MUD,SWEATANDGEARS a race in Essex. I too have been riding for 2 years. I ended up in hospital with suspected spinal and concussion but luckily all ok.
    I live in Spain so luckily came back to dry trails although dusty and loose. JUST THE SAME AS MY FALL. I thought get straight back on my bike and the best way for me was to slow stuff down and chose all my favorite trails and technical sections. I just repeated and repeated until I was up to speed again.I still have a gurgling in my tummy but I couldn't see me not on my bike and the freedom that it gives me. Just try to concentrate on that and hopefully you will focus on riding.Good luck
  • I go biking with my other half also I find he gives me confidence cause he'll go down a scary bit first and when I've seen him make it to the other side/bottom I know I can do it too. Another thing that I think helps (even though it's not great at the time) is if I fall off he finds it hilairious which makes it not as big a deal.

    The only thing that puts me off is if it's a really rocky down hill or something and I can see his bike skipping all over the place I'll just walk :) of if he tells me to be careful cause it's quite slippy etc. I can get put off something I would have done had he kept quiet lol.
  • Hiya, I was terrified after coming off my bmx (a looong time ago!) and didn't get back on any bike until last year. What helped me was a 5 minute technique called EFT short for Emotional Freedom Therapy. What you do is tap on the acupressure points on your body while recalling the incident and after a few rounds the fear disappears! I kid you not. Do a search for 'eft tapping' in google or youtube, there's lots of free videos. It works for other emotional issues as well btw. I hope that helps ;)
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