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Ridley Noah RS

road roninroad ronin Posts: 18
edited September 2011 in Your road bikes
This is my Ridley Noah RS its my 1st serious road stead

It is standard except my first upgrade the cosmic sl wheels

let me know your thoughts on my bike, and upgrade suggestions for the future



  • Great paint job, that looks mean.

    But you forgot to put the seatpost up.
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  • thank you i will post another image with the post raised later
  • fred22fred22 Posts: 509
    I think you got Photoshop
  • Image inserted into thread:

  • Great bike, and nice build. It's about time Ridley made a Noah with Regular challenge the Cervelo S2.
  • NICE!!!! RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Given how little seatpost is exposed couldn't you lose the spacers below the stem?
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  • i'm long body short legs unfortunately making bike fitting a bit of nightmare

    i'm slowly removing the spacers but had trouble with my back from years of racing BMX bike and a few back injuries.

    i tried the smaller frame but this did not feel right so went with a medium which seemed to get on with a lot better.

    took another 10mm spacer off the front today and it feel ok at 43 comfort before fashion now, but getting their.
  • Cracking looking bikes, still one of my fave frames!
  • Just to be picky I'd get rid of one of the cages (probably the elite IMO) I like the other one.
  • That's a nice looking bike, loving the paint job and great looking wheels
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