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Problem with Joe Blow pump

bicebice Posts: 772
edited September 2011 in Workshop
I have the yellow Joe Blow and it is a quality product. When inflating tyres the pressure now comes back into the pump cylinder. This means I can just about inflate hybrid tyres - though it is a big effort - if I am quick to remove the pump tube from the tyre. No way would I get to 90-100psi on a road tyre though.

It seems a pump valve issue. The plunger actually rises in the pump if I stop. Any ideas?


  • oxoneiloxoneil Posts: 147
    At the base of the pump there might be what looks like a small raised knurlled knob. If you unscrew this there is a check valve inside. I had exactly the same symptom as you and fixed it just by removing and refitting the valve which goes in pointy plastic part first followed by spring.

    If it doesn't fix it you can get replacement valves from St John St cycles.[/url]
  • rabkrabk Posts: 182
    Give the spring, valve and o ring a clean

    I occasionally have this problem and a good clean sorts it out :wink:
  • bicebice Posts: 772
    great replies, Thanks
  • This topic has just saved me buying a new pump, perfect!
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