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Bottom bracket shell threads

leflef Posts: 728
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So a few weeks ago after removing the BB I noticed that small areas of the threads on the shell have a rough edge. I think this could be responsible for some ongoing creaking. Is it worth tapping the BB shell? I'm not sure this will help as the threads are actually missing a bit of material (I'm talking very small amounts and in only about 3 small locations) so the peak of the thread (I'm sure there is a more technical term!) has a rough edge. As I say its not on much of the threads and theres not much of the material missing.

Also if I do have it tapped should I use a new BB in case it was this that caused it?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    chasing out the threads is good if you can not screw the BB in by hand.

    New BB why does it not work any more?
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  • leflef Posts: 728
    BB is fine, I'm just not sure whether the BB has created the damage on the threads. I'' get the threads chased and see if that sorts it.
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