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Can you recommend a good book on training?

term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
After a disastrous performance at the weekend in a race, I’ve decided I need to train a bit smarter. My approach has been just to cycle as fast as I can whenever I’m on the bike. This seems to have worked to an extent, as my PBs on several local rides are still falling. However, I lost 20 minutes on my best time for the race on Sunday, so there has to be room for improvement. I have a nice long commute on the bike, 37 km each way, so I can put the miles in, but probably not very effectively at the moment.

So can anyone recommend a good training book? I don’t have a power meter, but do have a turbo and rollers, and lots of big hills nearby.

I think my main problem was with nutrition on Sunday, I left too long a time between an early breakfast and the race start, without eating or drinking anything until nearly 30 minutes in. Is there a good book on sports nutrition I should be looking at as well, or is there one book that covers both?

I have little time for junk science, so any book mentioning bioenergetic fields or special mineral wrist bands won’t last long. (I once had a rather unseemly incident with a Herbalife salesman and a cup of magic zero calorie energy drink at the end of a sportive).
Apologies if this has been covered before. Many thanks


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