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Free maps for Garmin 705 for GB & France?

bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
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I have a great OpenSource map for my 705 for Europe, and while the detail is brilliant for the UK and a few other places, on holiday in France the last 2 weeks I found it had virtually no road info for S France. I'm off to do the Raid Pyrenean in a couple of weeks so would really like to find a free map I could use that will offer some detail to supplement the route on the screen, ideally for all of France as I'll be back over there next year for some stuff as well.

Many thanks
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  • chiarkchiark Posts: 335
    Have you tried Velomaps?

    I believe (but could be horribly wrong) that they've recently updated to provide a lot more info, and the download is about 600MB so I'm assuming there's something big in there :)
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  • I cycled through france and spain last year and used the free maps! i so wish i had just bought the proper maps from garmin. At least then half the roads would have been on the sat nav!!!! a fellow rider had the proper maps which showed the roads i was missing!
  • yenrodyenrod Posts: 135
    Have to tried setting the map settings to more detail ???

    I was on 'less' & wasnt getting what was there !
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,504
    when i got my 705, it came with city navigator europe nt

    it's excellent, i've used it in several countries, uk, spain, portugal, canary islands, even in the deep sticks of portugal it has had all the roads, right down to dirt tracks, at full detail there's too much info sometimes, so setting a bit lower is best

    i've used free mapping, but tbh it's just simpler to stick the cne card in and be ready to go without faffing about

    imho if you ride in europe, it's worth it, click on the coverage details tab on this page...

    ...there's an interactive demo map there too, from memory it's not as detailed as the actual map

    you can buy it cheaper than garmin, but watch out as some places actually sell the map update, not the full map
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  • yenrodyenrod Posts: 135
    Sungod - I bought, at great cost, a Garmin microSD card and wish id've got it free from the net as I have as the one I found has better detail on it!
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