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Ohh I don't know.....

schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
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Well some toerag made off with the BMC from Luzern on Saturday afternoon. They were obviously tooled up as the cut through the lock is extremely clean = sharp bolt cutters. So apart from having my delusions of "oh it'll be ok, we're in Switzerland" shattered I now have to buy a new bike. I was insured on a new for old policy so should get the the full CHF 3000 less the excess of CHF 200. That should give me about £2150 to play with.

Now the BMC was my everyday bike...commuting, training, bad did far and away the highest number of km per year. I have the SS used for the occasional commute and weekend morning pootles with the wife and friends. The VN is the best bike for days in the Alps, club rides and sunny days.

So now the dilemma is do I replace the the BMC like for like i.e. aluminium frame with Ultegra or do I buy the new 'best' bike that I keep looking at when contemplating invoking the n+1 rule.

My head is telling me a 2011 CAAD10 with Ultegra which I can get for £1200 (ex VAT). My heart is telling me add some cash to the payout, to wait for Ultegra Di2 and put it on a nice frame, swap the DA 7850 wheels from the VN onto the new bike and use the VN as the commuter. But then I'll have a commuter with Dura Ace which is OTT (let's face it Dura Ace is OTT for most of us). But then I'm thinking if I go for the latter I can put the Ultegra cranks from the new bike on the VN and put the DA cranks on the new bike.

Ohh I don't know! Why are there always decisions to be made?

What would you do?


  • What Dura Ace is on the VN? What condition is it in? Could you not buy a new frameset with your £2000 or so, put the Dura Ace stuff on that and then get a new Ultegra groupset for your VN, maybe 105 or Ultegra?

    You could get a frameset like this? ... t-ec021974

    And a groupset from Merlin? ... PSET-S.htm
  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    It's 7900 in good condition.

    I was looking at that frame yesterday and thinking along your lines. I have more than enough wheelsets already and then I would just need to sort out handlebars and saddle but it's the pull of Ultegra Di2 that's skewing my thinking.

    Thanks for your input.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Sorry to hear that schweiz, nothing is sacred is it.

    I have had a bike stolen, know what it feels like, do the police there have any leads do you know? I did get mine back btw, so you never know ...
  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    The Police didn't say much to be honest but at least they took me seriously.

    I gave them a report on Saturday afternoon whilst I was still in the city then e-mailed the frame number and photograph. They just said they'd put the details onto their database. There are quite a lot of 2nd hand bike markets in the Spring but the frame numbers of bikes sold are recorded so I guess it may turn up one day. Unless it turns up in 30 days it'll go back to the insurance company even if it is found.

    It holds no real sentimental value to me, it was a bit like Trigger's Broom. Even the frame wasn't original. It's just the thought of someone going round tooled up like they obviously were. On club rides we often leave our bikes unlocked and unattended, I might not be so happy to do that in future :(
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