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struggling lately

brakeleverbrakelever Posts: 161
edited August 2011 in Training, fitness and health
whats happening ? have been riding now for over 25 years apart from a five year break about 5years ago , am 54 this year look after my self diet wise am 11 and half stone ad like to think i am fairly fit . riding wise try and do a 50- 60 mile ride once a week and a 25 -30 perhaps one evening a week after work , here,s the problem have always been a fairly good climber but the last 2-3 months really seem to be struggling every time i go out , is it a age thing ? are the legs just getting weaker :cry: its not the bike its a pimped pinarello :lol: any help or ideas would be good - many thanks .


  • joeyhalloranjoeyhalloran Posts: 569
    Have you put on any weight recently?

    Is it the shorter/steeper hills you struggle on?
  • brakeleverbrakelever Posts: 161
    no weight gain. try to keep to my stated wheight dont eat to much rubbish , its the shorter sharper climbs that are becoming more of a problem !!!!!
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    COuld just be an age thing - but if you're worried - get yourself checked out. A bloke I know (age 51) just had a bad few weeks of cycling, feeling uncomfortable in his chest and was nagged to visit the doc. On his way there he had a massive heart attack and has now had 5 arteries replaced in open heart surgery. Fit as fiddle beforehand. usch - as we say in Sweden!
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    similar experience, mid forties, regular commute ride of 20 miles a day plus weekend sportives 100+ miles.

    just felt no power in my legs and pretty drained and exhausted.

    Rest was the key word ! actually a week off the bike, early nights and relaxing really helped.

    may be worth a try, strange sometimes we think we are invincible and must ride more and more but we also need to recover.

  • brakeleverbrakelever Posts: 161
    thanks for the replies = might give the rest a try could be just what i need , thanks :lol:
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