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Another "Which Bike?" Question.

JamboTaylorJamboTaylor Posts: 2
edited July 2011 in Road buying advice
I've currently got a hybrid (Cannondale Bad Boy) but have decided to upgrade to a road bike since I'm getting into cycling a lot more. I've come down to about these three bikes:

Cube Attempt 2011 (£999)

Focus Cayo 105 (£1099)

Planet X Pro Carbon Rival (£999)

The Planet X and the Focus I would have to order online while the Cube I can get at a local LBS (which has a good reputation). The Focus would be bought via Wiggle so I could take advantage of their 30 day test ride. I'm fairly new to road bikes and all the different kinds of components etc so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was wondering what you knowledgeable folk think would be the better bike? My budget is about £1000 but I'd be willing to go a bit higher if it was worth it.



  • JRookeJRooke Posts: 243
    None of them would be a bad choice, people here will bark at you all day long trying to tell you which is better, but all 3 great entry level bikes for you.

    So my choice would be the Focus, its like a cboardman or a cr1, very reliable stiff frame set and you can't really go wrong with 105.

    Cubes I've never ridden, but never heard a bad thing about them, planet x bikes I just don't like, very ugly and somewhat boring frameset, and not a fan of sram at all.

    Realistically you can toss a coin and you won't be disappointed which one you get, if your LBS has a good reputation they should look after you whether you buy from them or not.
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