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Calories calculation formula needed for a free bike App

nikpinknikpink Posts: 2
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to this forum so first of all thanks for reading my post.

I'm writing as I think you only can help me in my research, I need to figure out a formula to calculate calories burned riding using only the following parameters:

• Age
• Gender
• Weight
• Ride distance
• Ride time
• Average speed (retrieved used ride distance/ride time)

I found different formulas online but all of them seem pretty generic for male and females and sometimes take in consideration the heart rate that I cannot calculate.

Could you please help me finding out the best solution?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards



  • That's insufficient data to make a calculation of energy metabolised. Some is irrelevant (age & gender for instance).
  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    Guess?, it'll be about as accurate as any other calorie calculation, plus its impossible for anyone to prove you've got it wrong!
  • Generic formulas are generic for a reason - it's simply impossible to provide a general, catch-all formula for what you want. There are physiological and environmental factors that cannot be captured by an app...
    Guess?, it'll be about as accurate as any other calorie calculation...
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  • tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
    Best Book I have ever found for anything like this is

    Advanced Exercise Prescription by Vivien Heyward.

    Was the bible when I did my sports sciences degree, but maybe thats why I ended up a Screw.

    Seriously there are too many individual variables to have a generic formula that works for each individual acurately.

    Cycling plus have just taken on a new set of featured riders and they were all ran through physiological testing to establish baselines at a facility that is open to the public have a look at that and see if they are willing to share any intellectual property with you.

    Doubt it!
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