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No Trains for the Manchester to Blackpool charity Run 14th

lardarcelardarce Posts: 10
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You would think a public service would jump at the chance of laying on a few extra carriages on an otherwise quiet sunday route?

but no, any tired cyclists who had planned on getting the train back to Manchester on sunday the 14th July have had their plans scuppered by our wonderful 19th century train "service".

and yet if you google Northern Rail Cup Final Blackpool 19th July it seems they are happy to lay on carriages for football supporters!

The organisers havent yet made it clear if the above applies to all train services.

Can Bike radar bring this to the attention of the masses?

Any prolific Tweeters care to comment on there?


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  • spen666spen666 Posts: 17,709
    Public service?

    What decade are you in. The railway operating companies TOC's are private firms

    owing to the way the railway was privatised, they do not have vast stocks of abvailable rolling stock like BR used to have.
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  • richkrichk Posts: 564
    lardarce wrote: our wonderful 19th century train "service".


    i doubt putting your bike on a train would have been a problem back then
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