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Carrera Blast 24" - what do you reckon?

lawson_m20lawson_m20 Posts: 97
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi there

My 7 year old is rapidly growing out of his much-loved 20" Revolution Cairn and I've spotted these on offer @ £200. ... PDPz1#dtab

What do you think? It's the only bike I've seen at this price with disc (cable) brakes... they are in stock locally so we will pop out later on.....



  • nozzacnozzac Posts: 408
    Not sure if disk brakes would be an important factor for a 7 year old to be honest.

    My son has the 20" Carrera Blast and it's a good bike - reasonably light, decent quality components. The twist grip shifters are pretty stiff for small hands especially when they get slippy when it rains. Other than that it's proven to be a good buy. It's much nicer than the crappy supermarket or other budget bikes but not stupidly expensive like some adult MTB brands made for kids.
  • lawson_m20lawson_m20 Posts: 97
    thanks Nozzac - I'm thinking that the disc brakes would come in handy for when the rims get wet/muddy!
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I have been looking at these for my eight year old.I reckon its a good bike,compared to the likes of the more expensive Specialized Hotrock.Discs means that buckled wheels are less of an issue...... :lol:
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  • lawson_m20lawson_m20 Posts: 97
    Very true, my son takes pleasure out of hitting kerbs head on at full speed! :shock: his front wheel rubs at least twice on the way round!
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