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mtn324mtn324 Posts: 16
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I fly a lot and am considering getting a bike bag, but how good are they?
Luggage tends to get thrown about a lot at airports, are bike bags up to the job?
Are they easy to handle on to and off trains etc?
Do they actually protect your bike?
The bag must be suitable for full sus bike, any suggestions

Interested to hear from people who have experience of moving their bike by plane.

thanks in advance


  • explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
    I've got one of the cheaper bike bags and I wouldn't trust it to protect my bike and it a tight fit meaning you cant get much extra padding on it.
    Last (only) time i took my bike on a plane I just got a cardboard box from a bike shop and used that along with all the padding that came with it. Make sue you put something in place of the back wheel, an old hub or block of wood as most breakages seam to be the rear triangle bending .
    Also putting some wheels on the bottom of the box is a good idea

    or drive :D
  • rhialtorhialto Posts: 277
    I purchased a Dakine Bike Bag last summer and took my Zesty to the Alps by train. All in all, it's a great bag with the usual excellent Dakine quality. It's sturdy and has semi-rigid sides. It rolls well and has handles on most sides so you can lift it although it was akward moving it down a narrow train aisle. I was able to fit my medium-size all-mountain bike into the case by removing the handlebars from the steerer tube and tying them onto the top tube and then removing the wheels. With a couple of extra bits of cardboard, I would trust my bike to airline baggage handlers. My only issues are the price (it's expensive) and weight (bag weighs 10kg - the weight of the bag and the bike might mean extra airline fees).
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