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Tyres mega tight on HED wheels

pnellanypnellany Posts: 6
edited June 2011 in Workshop
Helping a mate. Having real trouble getting tyres on and off HED rims. Tried a well worn Prorace 3 and it will need 2 levers to go over the 1st rim edge! Tried every trick in the book. Any ideas? Also....which top end tyre is a "slack" fit?


  • BayttBaytt Posts: 102
    never had a problem with conti gp force/attack. seem to go on alright without levers
  • huuregeilhuuregeil Posts: 780
    Which tricks did you try? I was then going to suggest PR3s as the slacker of the bunch of high-end tyres I've tried! Have you considered changing the rim tape?
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