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Fizik aliante

ChilterncyclistChilterncyclist Posts: 39
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I have just got back from doing the Raid Pyrenean. I suffered from a very bad "open" saddle sore/ blister. Long hours in the saddle combined with wet/damp conditions.
I was doing 6 plus hours before going- with no problems. I used good shorts- also tried out before going. I didn't use chamois cream, but never do.
Should I assume the saddle doesn't suit me and change it - I'm doing a month long ride in Oct and can not risk the same problem.
Any advice gratefully received




  • RedJohnRedJohn Posts: 272
    Use Chamois cream!!

    Seriously. Use it, especially for such a long ride. If your saddles been OK until now, there's no reason to assume that it's not any longer, unless it's damaged.

    Different weather may have made the sitruation worse - chamois cream would still have helped!
  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    I have aliantes on both my bikes and about to buy a third for my cx ... Great saddle but it's the age old question of which saddle is best for you. Saddle cream is a must on long rides especially over a few days. If you want to sell the saddle pm me
  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    I had trouble with saddle sores when cycling in Switzerland ... I went with the theory that I had spent less time out of the saddle than normal due to cycling to a rhythm in the saddle for around 2 hours to pace myself up the climb rather than get in/out the saddle as I would on my normal rides ...
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