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Brakes+handlebars stolen - looking for replacement ideas

mutinomutino Posts: 2
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
Someone stole the disc brakes and handlebar set off my new Specialized Crosstrail Sport 2011.

So I'm looking for replacement parts. I looked at the parts list on the Specialized web site but cant find places selling the same make/model some are OEM only. I believe I need

Hydraulic Disc Brakes front and rear
3 and 8 speed gear leavers (and cables)
(and reflector)

What would you recommend? Its my first bike so I'm rather new to all this. Don't want to go crazy on top end gear but would like parts of equivalent quality,



  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    sad to hear that

    I have standard grips from my Rockhopper Pro in the shed I c an post them free of charge if that helps

    PM your address
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