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Business idea

explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
I have a friend that currently runs a gym and bike shop and is thinking of moving in a new direction.
He is thinking about offering training packages to people wanting to do sportives or getting in to racing who want to improve before the event. He is a qualified mtb guide,personal trainer, nutritionist, has coached before and is just about to start a course on bike fitting, so would be pretty good at getting it.
But the question is, does anyone want this?
As an x snowboard instructor i'm all for it as I feel people could really benefit from some one to one coaching with personal training plans rather than reading magazines and forums.
Any thought would, positive or negative would be appreciated


  • StageWinnerStageWinner Posts: 202
    Do people want coaching to improve? Hell yeah.

    Do they want it from some guy who isn't qualified? Not really.

    But then again, I know lots of people buying training plans off eBay for a tenner with no clue who is sending them, so why not?

    A good coach will always be in demand. A poor one won't be. He'll do better int he Sportive market I would think unless he takes some coaching qualifications as well.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    I know a guy who is doing pretty well selling sportive training plans to (mostly) mammils. He's got the coaching qualifications, but not really achieved much significant on the bike. I'd have thought that'd be the market to aim at. I'd forget about race training plans - I certainly wouldn't even consider a coach (for racing) that had never raced himself.
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