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Sorry to trouble everyone with something really trivial BUT at Fort bill and Leogang on the ole Eurosport coverage I swear that Steve Smith starts his run in black gear. And yet at the first split is in white. And it is beggining to drive me potty and do me head in

Is it some sort of colour change gear like those hypercolour t shirts from the 90s, is it camera editing or a swift change of clothes. I just want to make sure I'm not going mad,

Thanks in advance
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  • I'm guessing that no-one knows or that I AM ACTUALLY going mad.....
    spontaneity - it can go either way
  • They probably used footage from the qualifying for the top run and then switched to the live at the 1st split.

    Done it a few times because the coverage can't keep up with the whole race.
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    Is this from 2010?
    I know that in a previous year (not sure if it was 09 or '10) they just didn;t have enough cameras to cover the entirety of the run, so they filmed the top half during practice/qualifying sessions. On the live broadcast they then used that footage to show the riders leaving the start ramp etc, and cut back into the live feed as soon as they could.
    Somebody on the live chat thing spotted that a rider had a completely different coloured kit at the start of the course, to what he finished with, so they had to explain :lol:

    Are you sure Steve's kit isn't half-black half-white? Or maybe he runs tubeless, and gets punctures everytime, so the white is his tyre spraying tubeless sealant over him :lol:
  • HAHAHAHA I Reckon thats has to be it, the tubeless set up.

    Seriously though, it was from the 2011 runs. I did think they may have done a bit from qualifying and then switch across half way through, BUT they did it at Fort Bill and Leogang with Steve Smith's runs at at both places.

    I checked the numbers on the back, and it was the right number, AND the people standing at the top where the same as when other riders, were coming out the gate. And one of the riders was wearing the same striping socks at the top as he was at the bottom which kind of made me think perhaps, Steve had some special global hyper colour top which would be awesome if they did them :)

    Thanks to both of your for helping me out of my madness :)
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    Just to add confusion to it, I found these pics on pinkbike...

    Check out the links - the image data says they're taken a day apart.
  • Thanks mate, I've decided I'm might sell the bike and invest in a straight jacket instead :)
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