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Womens specific backpack

hootshoots Posts: 134
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My OH has been looking around for a new bike specific backpack - Just wondered if anyone can suggest/recommend any she could try?

The 'problem' (not that it bothers me :) ) is that she's 5'10" tall, so tends to find that some womens specific packs, like Camelbak, are designed for shorter women. She's tried some of my vast archive of Camelbaks etc., but the straps are unsurprisingly not suited to her female anatomy! She's currently got an ancient North Face fem-specific bike pack, but now we're going out on longer rides in all sorts of weather, she'd really like something that'll hold more gear, cake & sweeties for all-weather epics (pref. also with space to stuff some knee pads).........Not asking much eh?! :wink:

If anyone can suggest any suitable packs she could try, that'd be much appreciated.



  • I have a Dakine Drafter, it's not female specific but the straps are pretty adjustable/removable, and the chest one in particular can be moved up or down so that boobs aren't inconvenienced.
    It has a 3L bladder, and space even when that is full for other kit inside the bag... I can fit my first aid kit, spare tube, repair kit, multitool, chaintool, tyre levers, pump, cable ties, headtorch, a small fleece, lightweight jacket, camera and lunch with a few snacks into mine. There are straps/flaps on the outside for carrying helmets and armour that tuck away when not being used.

    Maybe that's a little bigger than you're looking for, but I'd definitely recommend trying one of the dakine ones.
  • PezzlePezzle Posts: 27
    I've just binned my camelbak for an Osprey Raptor 14. Lovely bit of kit. I'm about 5ft 8 and it fits nicely with lots of pockets for stuff and a snazzy bladder system.
  • pink riderpink rider Posts: 11
    I love the dakine bags as usually_lurking said they're really good for carrying body armour as they tend to specialise in freeride/enduro bags.

    However I currently have an osprey raptor pack which is great. A bit pricier than other brands but really well made with some sweet little features (lid lock), an awesome sweat reducing ventilated back pannel and lots of different pockets and compartments. Although it's not a ladies spec it fits great and you can forget its there after a while, I'm quite small 5'3 and usually need the girly stuff but due to the amount of adjustments you can make them fit perfectly. Mine will only hold the essentials - tools tube and waterproof, but they come in a few different sizes so I'm sure you could find one to fit everything.

    Sales pitch over, let us know what you go for in the end.
  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    I have a guys Camelbak which is fine, but I also have a Dakine Heli Pack for snowboarding that is women's specific and works with any hydration system you care to imagine and to be honest I prefer it when MTBing to the Camelbak, and it's not even made for biking!
    Ride it like you stole it!
  • hootshoots Posts: 134
    Cheers for the replies & suggestions. I noticed today that one of our local climbing/outdoorsy shops stocks Osprey, so we'll check 'em out on Saturday (might have some fun and introduce my OH to the assistant that suggested I oughta tell her to pack less'll stand well clear for that! heehee).

    Just had a look at the Dakine website and was pleasantly surprised by the range - I've mailed her the Osprey & Dakine websites so she can have a gander.

    Thanks again.
  • hootshoots Posts: 134
    Just to let know - after much trying on, my OH went for an Osprey Raptor 14. We went for a bounce about on one of our local (Peak District) rides on Sunday, and she's really pleased with it. Even though she'd deliberately loaded it with tons of stuff to test it out, she said it was ultra stable and comfy. The pack is a little bit smaller than she was initally after (the next size up looked a bit of a beachball), but it holds a lot more than her current pack - and apparently my Dainese knee/shin pads fit under the side compression straps a treat - which I guess means that they are now her knee/shin pads :? hmmm

    Anyways, thanks again for the suggestions.
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