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Simple intervals

HiMozHiMoz Posts: 62
I started cycling in march and am now knocking out about 150 miles a week. Looking to do some more targeted rides rather than just riding by how I feel however cant seem to find anything simple to start of with. I've got a HR monitor and know my max hr of whilst running and so don't mind using this so long as things don't become too complicated. I'm not training for anything in particular at the moment would just like to get a bit quicker!

So has anyone suggestions to what I could be having a go at?
willhub wrote:
I'm on about a bicycle here, not a coal powered motorbike why would my bike have coal on it?


  • HiMoz wrote:
    So has anyone suggestions to what I could be having a go at?
    Hill repeats.

    Shorter 2-3 minute hill - hit it hard all the way - will be breathing very hard at end. 3-5 of those spread across an hour.

    Longer 10+ minute hill - pace it so you maintain steady high effort the whole way - with no more recovery than attained by riding back down to start again. 2-4 of them.

    Then try these sorts of efforts on flatter terrain - it requires much more concentration.

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