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Kinesis Maxlight XC Pro3

men1palmen1pal Posts: 29
edited June 2011 in Your mountain bikes

Just thought I would share my bike with you all. It is my first proper mountain bike after only recently taking up the hobby and was built by myself. Details as follows:

Frame: Kinesis Maxlight XC Pro3 20"
Driveset: Shimano SLX 10 speed
Brakes: Formula Oro K24
Bars: Sunline V-one 254 Carbon
Tyres: Schwalbe Rocket Ron performance
Forks: Suntour Epicon 100mm
Seat: Prologo Nago Gel
Seatpost: Reverse comp
Stem: FSA XC-190
Headset: FSA Orbit Z No.9
Pedals: HT AX01
Wheels: FSA XC-105
Rotors: Superstar Floating 180mm front 160mm back
Grips: Lizard Skins Logo with Superstar lock rings and Hope end caps
Misc: Token pyro top cap, Mowa cable clips and valve caps
Weight: 12.3kg


I have tried to keep the frame theme colours by mainly adding white and red annodised bits. In the future I will probably swap the forks to Rockshox Reba (if my riding ever warrents it) and replace the tyres with the Evo version. I am also considering swapping the seatpost for an exotic carbon one. I will post some better pictures soon.

Thanks for looking :)


  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680

    There you go :D
  • men1palmen1pal Posts: 29

    A few more better quality pics

    DSCF4941 by men1pal, on Flickr

    DSCF4942 by men1pal, on Flickr

    DSCF4944 by men1pal, on Flickr
  • jbwilliamzjbwilliamz Posts: 187
    Would be a shame to take it out in the muck...NICE!
  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    Sweet build :D
    More freerange chicken than Freeride God
    Bighit , 5 , BFe
  • men1palmen1pal Posts: 29
    Swapped my front tyre for a nobby nic evo from on one. Seems to give better grip upfront now.

    Took a quick pic on my phone at the top of part of one Dalby's black runs...

    IMAG0214 by men1pal, on Flickr

    I continued along the red however :)
  • chrisjnr19chrisjnr19 Posts: 231
    Love the build :)
    Although, those pedals caught my eye, they seem remarkably similar in terms of size to Superstar Nano's and yet cost a lot less at only £34. How are you finding them, any lapse in quality at all?
  • men1palmen1pal Posts: 29

    The pedals are great. Really light and smooth at the moment although ive probably only done about 150-200 miles on them. They do seem to have quite a small surface area but work fine for me. I think I got mine off ebay (bi_king) for about £34 like you mention with postage. The finish is pretty good too. Originally I had v8's and the paint dropped off but these pedals I've scuffed and scraped and they still look like new.
  • chrisjnr19chrisjnr19 Posts: 231
    I have been running DMR V8's aswell for the past year now and am fed up with the escaping paint, you'd hardly know they were originally red! I had since been fixed on some SS Nano's and then some Wellgo MG1's, I then found out that the Wellgo's also suffered from 'escaping paint syndrome' which to be fair, should be expected with any pedals, but I'd rather avoid it.
    The only option left were the ano' SS Nano's, From your short review I think I'll plump for these (although my mind is extremely fickle and for me, decisions are never permanent ;))
    Thanks though :D
  • Posts: 463
    I have just looked at Ebay for these pedals and Bi-King is selling exactlly the same as your ones again for £24 !!

    Nice colour scheme btw mate very simple and catchy
  • chrisjnr19chrisjnr19 Posts: 231
    Check out the £10 postage! :D
    This should explain the £34 to you ;) ?
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