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New School Based Club, Need ideas!

Hi All,
I have started a new cycling club at the Primary school where I am a teacher. I am waiting to get on BC's coaching course but they are dragging their butts on this - I 've been waiting about two months and don't even have a date...

Can anyone suggest any races / drills I can do with them? I already do things like weaving through cones, stop / starts, relay races, going up and down a grassy bank and through the trees that we are lucky to have on site, cycling football (a bit risky but fun, big safety talk first, not competitive so get off the high horse and back on your bike), etc.
Any more fun ideas appreciated by myself and 15 kids!


Enjoy your riding



  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023
    Use highjump kit for limbos - make sure cross bar is lightweight
    Affiliate to British Schools Cycling Association for £20. If your Local Authority Education dept is affiliated (£50) it covers all local schools.
    Use their Trix Awards scheme: it gives 27 skills, 9 each for bronze, silver and gold to aim at. I'm afraid you won't be able to gold yourself :wink:
    Get hold of pallets and scafolding planks. Cut pallets down to width of planks, and planks to build improvised North Shore (at a very easy level) course. drill holes for large nails to connect them - not nailed together, make the holes big enough to drop the nails in
    To improve their one-handed skills, use rings from PE kit and small rounders bat or similar to spear ring while you or other courageous volunteer is holding it.
    Set up large circular target on ground, with rings on it like archery and get them to throw beanbags on to it and use team scoring competition
    Get them to pass a bottle to each other while riding
    Set target times for cone slaloms, say 6', 5'6", 5', etc (sorry, pre-metric era) by taking average of all of them less, say, 10%. Establish club records for any obstacle course you set up along those lines, etc., etc.
    Contact nearest Go-Ride club for more ideas
    Run skills relay races with teams of 3 or 4
    Organising the Bradford Kids Saturday Bike Club at the Richard Dunn Sports Centre since 1998
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