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Shimano Am45 - set up question

ljs1977ljs1977 Posts: 247
edited May 2011 in MTB general
Ok this does not sound right but I will ask it anyway.

Just set up my Am's and cleats etc etc and the manual say stick a "sticker" over the cleat holes to make it water proof.

Am I missing something or is this right?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes it should be in the shoe box.

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  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    The sticker goes on the inside of the shoe, under the innersole.

    edit - just in case you're on your phone or whatever and you can't see Nick's pic ^^^ too well :wink:
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  • ljs1977ljs1977 Posts: 247
    Cheers, this is what I have done. But the sticker did not look "right"

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