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Hardtail for 500-600 pounds?

alancheekyalancheeky Posts: 6
edited May 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi everyone - new to this site, wondering if i could get your opionons...

I'm just about to move closer to work to cut out my 1hour and a half drive each way. Looking to get a mountain bike for max 500-600 pounds thats good for commuting to work (7miles each way, might consider buying seperate road tires) but also a bike thats good enough to cycle of road on days off. I'd be buying through the cycle to work scheme (probably) but also does anyone have any suggestions about what bikes are likely to be reliable or worth getting 2nd hand???

I had a Gary Fisher Wahoo bike (2010) which i loved, but had to sell it in order to buy a car. Now i cant find it on sale anywhere - especially not in white!



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