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london to Dubai.........possible?

cjcfahiecjcfahie Posts: 2
edited April 2011 in Tour & expedition
i am an experienced biker, but have never done something like this in terms of distance and area.
if anyone has any knowledge of the possible problems or just general advice on countries such as turkey, syria, jordan, saudi arabia and UAE please let me know!!
thanks guys


  • GyatsoLaGyatsoLa Posts: 667
    Turkey, Syria, and Jordan are no problem, but you will not get a visa for Saudi Arabia, they just don't do tourist visas. Its a no-no I'm afraid.

    The only viable option I think would be to cycle through Iran. I believe there are ferries from Bandar Abbas in Iran to Sharjah in the UAE.
  • el_reyel_rey Posts: 83
    The post about a Saudi visa may be correct. Assuming you did get a visa then please look at the map very carefully. You would cross parts of the Empty Quarter. Even on modern roads you can go many miles without a gas station or water stop. I live in Abu Dhabi and I can tell you that there is no respect for cyclists. If you made the mistake of getting on a truck road then you would have as serious problem. Roads for cars are not much better. If you went via Iran, and I am not sure how that could happen, the trip from Sharjah to Dubai by bicycle is only for those with a death wish.
    Having said all this, they are people who love cycling here and I have participated in some nice races in the Western Region. Still, I would not think about riding across the Gulf region.
  • Saudi is definitely out of the question re: visas. Syria you'll need to get a visa in advance, Jordan you can get a visa on the border (for a small fee)
  • SolisSolis Posts: 166
    Having driven across Saudi many times believe me you would not want to attempt it on a bike.
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