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Pennine Cycleway

danbrumdanbrum Posts: 45
edited April 2011 in Tour & expedition
Although I learnt to ride a bike as a kid I have only really been cycling since about september and that was mostly commuting until the last month where I have been doing 20 - 40 mile rides 2 -4 times a week as well as my 8 mile round trip commute. My bike was a Pinnacle Stratus 1.0 but today I got a Specialized Secteur. I think I will be prepared fitness wise by the time we go in June or July but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for touring on this route or anything in general for a first tour. I was particularly thinking about the off road sections, I read they're mostly doable in any bike but some sections require hybrids or mountain bikes and was just wondering what people on here found and where they avoided the off road sections. Also what tricks do people have for navigating without GPS on tours; I find that when reading a map I can only remember the next half dozen turns before I have to check again. On a circular route or in an area I know I can rely on my sense of direction but I'm not sure that will work in this case.


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