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My 'new' bike

KentSKentS Posts: 240
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After having my nice bike nicked the other week I went out to find a budget replacement. It ended up with this Peugeot Ventoux with Shimano 500 exage components and 'biopace' chainwheels. First impressions is very positive. The frame feels very racy and responsive in spite of its hefty weight. I'm goint to replace the pedals with Time Iclics and the brake levers with another set of exage in better condition and with black hoods. The saddle will probably be replaced eventually. As for tires I'm thinking about Michelin pro races with white sides, maybe that would be nice. The frame number is Y004 32599. Is there some way of knowing what year it's from?


  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    That's nice! Very similar to a Peugeot Triathlon I renovated for a mate (rode very nicely but rather evil gearing but then it wasn't made for climbing). That bike (531 main tubes, Shimano 105 gears and biopace chainrings) was from around 1990 (can't remember how I dated it) and I'm sure yours is of very similar vintage.

    Incidentally, you want gumwall tyres for that. I found some very neat looking Michelins (20mm sadly for my mate!) which really set the bike off. Gumwalls are almost the only thing for that period!

    Faster than a tent.......
  • KentSKentS Posts: 240
    However, gumwall tires reminds me of the old days when I fought with my awful tubular rims. Don't want to bring those memories back...
    White saddle, bar tape and hoods are really nice, but in my experience become discolored after heavy usage. I think I will stick with black there.
  • KentSKentS Posts: 240
    During the summer I have made some upgrades. Now it has a Specialized Romin saddle, Time I-clic pedals, Campagnolo Scirocco-wheels, Michelin Pro 3 Race tires with latex tubes, Campagnolo 10-speed cassette, Record chain, Athena rear derailleur, Daytona brake calipers and Daytona (10-speed rebuild by me) ergolevers. The bike feels noticeable lighter. Measured to about 10.1kg excluding tri-bar. For hilly rides i have an ultra-torque compact crank lying around. Using that would take me to about 9.8kg.
    I am really pleased with how this bike performs. It is a joy to ride. Probably the best bike I have owned so far.
  • I can only hope that you have a shell suit to wear when you're riding it!
  • Peugeot bikes were great - nice to ride. I have my original stater road bike from 1992 still as my winter bike!

    Please check your seatpost though as it looks like you are above the minimum insertion point. Potentially dangerous if you are - a new longer post wouldn't be much cash - Peugeot often have odd sized posts so may need a shim from a coke can to make a smaller one fit.
  • KentSKentS Posts: 240
    The original seatpost was just a shade to short. This one is one I got of a site i USA that had longer ones specially made.
  • KentSKentS Posts: 240
    Keith1983 wrote:
    I can only hope that you have a shell suit to wear when you're riding it!
    Why is there never a sale on those! ;-)
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