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Isle of Wight Randonee Sunday 1st May

Great ride to get some hilly miles in your legs takes place next Sunday for the annual round the Isle of Wight ride. It's free to do with a donation on the day. I've been doing this for the last couple of years and it's a great day out with plenty of cake stops on the way. Wightlink ferries do a 2 for 1 offer for foot passengers on their website.
Here's the website

See you there


  • Mr SmoothMr Smooth Posts: 70
    I'll be there, doing it again for about the 8th time - always a good day out and makes a change from having to hammer along with a timing chip on.

    I'll be catching the Lymington ferry in time to get there for about 9am - I'm the one with the Cancellara thighs and the Rasmussen haircut (one of those statements is not true :wink:)

    See you there?
  • mr_goomr_goo Posts: 3,757
    Myself and Topmoxy will be doing this for first time. We are both based in New Forest so catching ferry from Lymington. Very much looking forward to getting some hilly miles in with a relaxed atmos. Anyone one else from NF doing this?
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  • Mr Goo

    We're coming over from Fordingbridge with a group of friends and will be on the 8.45am ferry

    Mr Smooth

    I'll be watching out for you as described :!: :!: - you'll be able to spot me as I've got the face of Victoria Pendleton and the size of Emma Pooley (one of these is right!!)
  • topmoxytopmoxy Posts: 138
    you wont be able to miss myself and Mr Goo , we will be wearing lycra and riding roadies,
  • Hi Topmoxy

    Looks like the weather will be dry now and hopefully will be sheltered from the wind on most of the ride

    Looking forward to Sunday with plenty of cake stops
  • Hi Topmoxy

    Looks like the weather will be dry now and hopefully will be sheltered from the wind on most of the ride

    Looking forward to Sunday with plenty of cake stops

    I'm doing it tomorrow as I'm nowhere near fit enough for the 3-day race these days (which only has 30 or so entries this year). Why aren't more of the fit Sportive-type riders putting a number on the backs?

    Should be a great day, but the long run west-to-east will catch the headwinds - no matter, we'll have a song in our hearts and the spring in our tails.
  • xlolyxloly Posts: 140
    I'm going along with five others from Southampton, getting the 07:15 Red funnel. Did it a couple of years back and loved it although it was a little hilly.
  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
    0715 Ferry me too, see you all there, Bringing my Wilier Petacchi so you should not miss me, :D
  • VerwoodAshVerwoodAsh Posts: 196
    I had to miss it :( My son kicked my ankle playing football a week ago and it became infected. Now on the antibiotics. Real bummer as this is one of the best events I like going to and I also like the anti-clockwise direction this year. Great for riders travelling from Lymington like myself as it means the big hills are at the beginning and not the end.

    So how did you all do?
  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
    I went around with a m8; who has not been on a bike for 20 years, I ended up doing hill reps, nice route looking forward to next year. my m8 should be able to move a little faster by then. Good day had btw.
  • ant.rocketant.rocket Posts: 25
    It was my 4th Randonee although being a local I sometimes do it as a training ride. Was a bit tougher than normal this year I thought as it was the windiest one ive ever ridden but overall it was a good ride.
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