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Stelvio, from which side?

dakkardakkar Posts: 95
edited April 2011 in Tour & expedition

This summer all being well, I shall be landing in Geneva then making my way across Switzerland to attempte the Stelvio pass. Does anybody know which side is the classic route to attempt it from? Is it from the north at Prato, or from the South at Bormio?

Thank you in advance for any comments.


  • CumbrianManCumbrianMan Posts: 240
    Hi Dakkar

    It's deffo the north side from Prato.

    Off to do same myself in Sept, as well as the Gavia, Mortirolo, Umbrail, d'Eira, Livigno and Bernina passes. Should be a good ride up the 48 hairpins of the Stelvio :!:

    "There are no hills, there is no wind, I feel no pain !"

    "A bad day on the bike is always better than a good day in the office !"
  • PepPep Posts: 501
    From Prato.

    Mind you the other side is great too, but from Prato is better, probably one of the bestest climb in the world.

    Bernina another of my all time favourites. When I lived in Milano I could start from home (with train), climb either Stelvio or Bernina, and be home evening.
  • dakkardakkar Posts: 95
    Cheers guys thanks for the confirmation. :D Good Luck CumbrianMan!
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