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Cannondale CAAD8 - NEW WHEELS

wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
edited April 2011 in Your road bikes
Just thought i'd share a few pics of my Cannondale CAAD8. Its a 2010 Sora model which, as I saved a load on it, I have already upgraded with a 105 chainset and rear mech.

Its nothing too special but I wanted another crack at roading as I know more people to ride with now. I have no doubt there will be more changes over time but that will have to wait until after I have (somehow) paid for my wedding.

Heres some pics.





  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Just a quick update. Got some Mavic Aksium Race wheels that I have just put on. They're no Cosmic Carbones but they look so much better than the stock wheels. Will go test them out at the weekend.



  • nakita222nakita222 Posts: 341
    the first two pics were so demoralising because of the dork disc and the pedals. The last two pics show a huge transformation. Beautiful bike. apart from the stem erection. Sensible up grades, which give the bike class and finesse. You may want to turn the sensor on the wheels to the other side of the fork for safety reasons.
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Forgot about the pedals and you should have seen the dork disc on the Aksiums. You could have eaten your dinner off it. I got the bike really cheap so still only just spent over the RRP for it :lol:

    Regarding the sensor, I have been told about turning it round just not done it yet. It is the way that the indtructions say it should be though but it doesn't seem right.
  • jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
    Jesus, what size is that frame?
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Its a 61. I'm 6'5". Its one hell of a head tube aint it :P
  • rjarja Posts: 78
    Ask a silly question, get a silly answer and all that, but anyway.

    What's a dork disk? Am I right to presume the plastic bit behind the cassette?

    If so did one really come on the Aksiums?
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Yep it the clear plastic bit behind the cassette and yes they did come with one. It was about 15cm in diameter and black!
  • rjarja Posts: 78
    Never?! ! Happy riding, Nice bike! :D
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    How is the 105 Chin set? Does it support your head comfortably?
  • rjarja Posts: 78
    NapoleonD wrote:
    How is the 105 Chin set? Does it support your head comfortably?

    Double or Treble?
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Love for Askiums on one thread....

    Hatred on another.....


    Lovely looking might need a chain watcher to stop the chain slipping off your chin though!!
  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    Nice. I've no gripes with my 2007 Aksiums. While not used for cyclocross they've been absolutely hammered through winter/fall/spring for 3 years and given the care I show an old set of trainers. They're still running well and have been fit and forget other than cleaning the caseette and little true on the front by the LBS.

    Might want to check your pad alignment on the front. Could just be the angle of the photo but the front right pad looks a little like it may foul the tyre.
  • Nice ride! Wheel upgrade was defo a good choice. Where abouts in Suffolk are you? We are always looking for more people to join our rides.
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 531
    Not too far from you if your anything to do with a certain bike shop with a similar name to you :wink:

    I'm only just starting out in the roading world so would probably need to build myself up to club rides etc. but i'll get there. Might join you later in the year on one of your Friday rides.
  • Fantastic! Well happy riding and if you need any help or advice just give us a holla!
  • c0ugarsc0ugars Posts: 202
    The new wheels really does like alot better!!!! Happy riding.
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