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Route planning and daily mileage.

yossarian82yossarian82 Posts: 15
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Hi guys.
I am new to touring and am currently planning my summer jaunt around France and in doing so started to think about how many miles I could realisticaly cover a day. On my unloaded road bike I can happily cover 100 miles a day in around 7 hours with breaks. My touring bike will obvioulsy be loaded up and also has lower gear ratios (or higher I always get that mixed up I'm not much of a tech person) so what do people think is an acceptable distance to aim for on a daily basis on average, as this clearly is down to ability also.


  • jibijibi Posts: 857
    For me touring is about the journey,not the destination

    but then I have the luxury of no time restraints :D
    except when I rode across Australia :oops: and I overstayed my visa.....

    once you get on the loaded bike you will begin to know what is possible for yourself..
    If you can do 100 miles in 7 hours then you are fit enough....I would aim at 50 to 60 miles on a tour is meant to be enjoyable....

    somedays you may find a beautiful place to camp early on in the day and choose to rest there...

    somedays you will feel like you can ride forever, I love riding through the night and can cover more ground, riding into Seville at 4am on a bike puling a BOB Ibex trailer caused quite a stir with the folks falling out of night clubs...



  • mz__jomz__jo Posts: 398
    Plan on about 80kms average for your riding days, unless you are continually on flat roads. Don't forget to allow for a couple of days a week when you won't do much at all. My club usually reckins on an 80km average for a trip with sight-seeing; going in a group reduces the distance but we don't usually haul camping gear, just gear for hotels and gîtes.
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