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bianchi via nirone veloce

mamiljockmamiljock Posts: 69
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i have a bianchi via nirone veloce which due to the weather in the north east of scotland has been on my turbo trainer for the last few months witha trainer tyre fitted. i am now considering buying better wheels and laeving the training tyre on the stock ambrosio wheel for the trainer but never see anything in the magazines about this frame - is it worth spending £300/400 on a new wheelset or am i better putting the money towards a better bike ribble or cube and keeping the bianchi for the trainer
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  • RushieRushie Posts: 115
    I have the 09 Veloce and IMHO it's definitely worth upgrading the wheels. The stock Ambrosio/Miche wheels take a beating but weigh around 2000g. The frame is fairly tidy so the wheels and horrible Veloce groupset do let the side down. £300 on new wheels would not be money wasted.
  • mamiljockmamiljock Posts: 69
    thinking of hope hoops pro3 rs mono wheels or ksyrium equipes - is veloce really that bad? i thought it was ok but then can only compare to old suntour gears1
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  • jlgtjlgt Posts: 21
    No, there's nothing wrong with Veloce, it's a perfectly good groupset - many people would rate it about equivalent in quality to Shimano 105, if not even a bit higher. It's down to personal preference though - you may not get on with how Veloce (or Campag in general) shifts, but that doesn't mean that the components are poor quality.
  • RushieRushie Posts: 115
    OK, "horrible" was perhaps a little harsh. However, my own experience (based, admittedly, on the sum total of one bike) has been that the Veloce gears need much more attention than the Sram Rival on my other bike. Despite regular maintenance they drift out of alignment and fail to shift much more than I would expect. My suggestion would be to replace with something higher up Campag's range when your current Veloce wears out.
  • pickledpickled Posts: 439
    I have only had to tweak my gears once and that was just a quater turn on the barrel adjuster. The only problem I've had is the thump shift sticking occasionaly.
    The wheels however are worth an upgrade, although I haven't bothered myself.
    My wife has 105 on her bike and both seem tp perform identically to me.
    I've done over 2000 miles on mine in all weathers. (Mainly rain...)
  • mamiljockmamiljock Posts: 69
    thanks all - the gears may need a little adjusting now as they've not been looked at for a year and they aresometimes 'jumping' back a gear when shifting. I personally like the thumb shifters although they are not that easy to reach on the drops. Have ordered the Hope hoops with a new cassette and will keep the old wheels for my tacx fortuis trainer (which although had lots of annoying teething troubles with the software drivers has been a godsend through the winter)
    ya still gotta crank it
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