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SixSixOne Kyle Strait Knee Guards

naefearjustbeernaefearjustbeer Posts: 182
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Decided to get a set of knee gaurds after giving my knee a good clatter at Golspie the other day. Now due to my location I am afraid mail order is my only option so Looking for views about SixSixOne Kyle Strait Knee Guards. And also some sizing advice before I bite the bullet and make an order. Looking at the 661 sizing guide it gives you opening sizes top and bottom for theses guards. However how far above and below my knee should I be measuring! Dont want to order up a wrong sized pair.

Cheers in advance.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    They are awesome knee guards, frankly.
    Erm, right, mneasure about 3-5" above your knee when straight, and just above the fattest part of your calve.
  • I've only worn mine once so far but they were great. Didn't have to adjust them, didn't notice them on. Much better than my previous ones that I never wore as they were so uncomfortable!
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  • my kyle straits have finally started falling apart after 3 years use (actually, they started disintegrating about a year and a half ago :lol: )

    I'll be buying more...
  • kenankenan Posts: 952
    Yeah I got a pair to replace some older 661 pads and they are a huge improvement. You don't know they are there untill you need them and can be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of your kit.

    As for sizing I tried a few different sizes on and found little difference other than length ?!?
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