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which bike boardman team ht 2010 or carerra fury

warren30warren30 Posts: 71
edited March 2011 in MTB buying advice
hi guys after testing few bikes and keep changing mind I have got it down to two bikes the fury as lot of you recommendedI I can get it for £545 at the moment,or the boardman team ht 2010 halfords will sell it for £650 from £800.which one would you guys go for,I know the boardman has bit better fork brakes,the fury is a stronger bike.Is it worth the extra hundred pound,I will be riding down local trails with my gf and woods etc when own on bit rougher terrain.thanks guys


  • JEZ 8553JEZ 8553 Posts: 42
    Id go Boardman Team definitely ! Excellent forks and groupset, finishing kit and low weight makes it unbeatable value imo.
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