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Ribble Sportive Bianco

ridley2010ridley2010 Posts: 115
edited March 2011 in Your road bikes
My Ribble Sportive Bianco.

Now has Vento Reaction wheels.


Uploaded with[/url]


  • cojonescojones Posts: 131
    Bellas Rotas!

    After what seems like months researching and posting newbie questions on the forum I have ordered a Bianco. It was the review scores and customisability that swung it.

    I'm sure i'll have an excited (and hopefully not too long) wait until it arrives on my doorstep.

    Any pointers from one Bianco owner to a prospective Bianco owner?


  • ridley2010ridley2010 Posts: 115
    Just enjoy it my Ribble buddy :)

    I love mine! So comfortable for the long distance rides.
  • donkykongdonkykong Posts: 160
    looks nice and comfortable
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