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First race of the 2011

DHTTDHTT Posts: 345
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Yesterday I did my first race of season at Ilton. Woke up at six to meet at chiverton roundabout at 7 for my lift up from Cornwall. 2 hours driving later and a bit where even though we'd all been before didn't recognise where we were. Anyway turned up, managed to sign on after U12< had been sorted. Number 47. Big field for Youths about 30 of us. On the line get the breifing from commisaire, don't be dangerous on corners etc, course laid out is a U shape. GO. For once I'm clipped in straight away and decide to be first into hairpin sprint like mad to first corner leave braking to last minute then sprint back out. Move over to let someone else take up work, strong rider comes through starts getting a gap. Aware that one of my team-mates has a very strong chance of winning this I check hes on my wheel and close the gap down. Already the bunch has split down, about 10 in front group with 3 of us in there. Then someone mucks up a corner meaning about 5 of us are off the back by about 10m. I sit on a rider for about 5 seconds before figuring hes not strong enough to close it, come storming up the outside but its too late, the gaps gone and about 5 riders are using it to their advantage luckily I have a team-mate in there. Just me and a guy from Chippenham Wheelers toghether now, with 2 MDCC inbetween the lead group. Manage to ride the Chippenham guy of my wheel, and start to eat into the MDCC guys advantage but its slow going. After a couple more solo laps its time for the finish, not sure how close the Chippenham Wheeler is to my I sprint to the line from the hairpin about 400m out. Cross the line in Eighth out of a field of around 30, also my team-mate won and another in 10th so a sucessful days riding. On reflection of the race I can see that 3 riders weren't from the South West so I think I'm 5th in the SW series which will make me a reserve for team if can hold that position. Try to improve for the next round on 26th luckily only about 2 minutes away this time!



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