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Sheep!!!!! potential new rape spot

mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,469
edited March 2011 in The Crudcatcher
Well after deciding not to go to cannock to fight with the weekend warriors, i decided to do route 6 between market harborough and northampton, flat all out peddle of about 36 miles (sometimes i think i have a touch of roady in me)

its on an old rail line and you have to go through two old victorian tunnels ones 420m and the other is about 500m. weird as frig riding through them dark as anything and the end of the tunnel hypnotises you.

Anway its so gloomy you dont spot peeps until you are right next to them so plenty of lurking spots. as stated the longest is only 500m long so only a max of a 250m walk to the nearest ditch for a spot of head turning




  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    On a hot day, tunnels like that are usually ice cold inside and are ace to ride through as they cool you down
  • bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
    unless you are in liverpool and some chavs put bricks across them! :x
  • Love those tunnels, great place to take the kids for a bit of a 'spook'.
    Northwind wrote: It's like I covered it in superglue and rode it through ebay.
  • acidstratoacidstrato Posts: 945
    Love those tunnels, great place to take the kids for a bit of a 'spook'.

    i do hope their parents are aware of this :shock:
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
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