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Advice on a ride by Bristol/Mendips

adobsonadobson Posts: 2
edited March 2011 in Routes
Hi, hoping someone can help, I’ve found myself staying in Bristol for a while and was hoping to get across to Afan but time will not permit .. can anyone point me in the direction for a 3 hour-ish ride near Bristol/Bath – Mendips perhaps.. ?

Thanks in advance..



  • KJAKJA Posts: 259
    If you're a fan of trail centre type riding (and I'm not at all!) then there is Ashton Court which has some purpose built trails. I visited there in winter and found it to be very rocky with lots of tree roots. Wasn't my thing at all, but it may be a bit better now it's drier. Other than that, grab an OS explorer map and see what you can find!
  • DeepunderDeepunder Posts: 145
    +1 Ashton court but you won't need 3hrs unless you do a few loops; to lengthen the ride you can cross over the road easily and tack on Leigh Woods, lots of trails if you explore.

    Nearby there is Ashton Hill woods, again compact but plenty of tasty trails criss crossing all over. Not as busy or well known as Ashton Court/Leigh woods.

    Clevedon Court woods, small but worth a run and may be a good option for quick blasts, also drains very well.

    Mendip is good, bigger are more hills, its pretty dry right now so get out there, again lots of main trails and wicked hidden stuff/downs/jumps if you hunt around or tap up someone you bump into up there who knows the area.
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