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Should i go for Allez Comp?

cristoffcristoff Posts: 229
edited March 2011 in Road buying advice
Quick potted history.

I am trashed my C/Dale Caad8 and insurance have offered to replace. Choices are New Cadd8 or Synapse 105, however, there is a delay of 6 weeks on both these. Not cool with that. :cry:

For an extra £200 i stump up, they can supply me a 2011 Specialized Allez Comp. I could have this next week! 8)

Should i wait the 6 weeks or should i spend £200 extra and get the Allez?

Your thoughts please?

thanks in advance


  • MystiqueMystique Posts: 342
    Find one in stock somewhere & try should then be able to answer your own question :wink:
  • cristoffcristoff Posts: 229
    It was more a question around quality of build, components, any users experience of bike, etc

  • pabloweaverpabloweaver Posts: 444
    Solid, dependable bike that will deal with all you throw at it. Had mine for years and used it as winter bike, main bike, light tourer ( coast to coast) sportive bike. It just does what you want it to.

    It's my workhorse bike, although the fancy bike is now out and about.

    If you buy one, drop the spacers to lower the stem position as the default position is very,very relaxed.

    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
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