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Leicestershire Super Tour - any interest out there

arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
Hi Guys

Newbie to sportives but not to cycling. Have been pushing those pedals for 30+ years but now looking to do a bit more than pootling around the lanes near my home.

Have decided to try a few rides this year and started surfing for options not too far afield. Unfortunately the Rutland CiCLE falls at a time when I am on holiday. However the Lincoln gran Prix sportive is a possibility. ... rtive.html

and there seems to be quite a decent entry list already for both routes.

I also spotted the Leicestershire Super Tour planned for 12th June. ... rtour.html

but to date the entry list is a bit sparse.

Anyone else out there planning to enter?

This would be the best one for me to enter as a starting sportive but I fear that it may be cancelled unless there are more entries


  • DaveMossDaveMoss Posts: 236
    OH NO :( Not another jumping on the bandwagon and trying to make event organising a job.
    And is it really a charity event as claimed, or does the charity only get what some people might give over and above the entry fee?
    Sportives and tours, 100% for charity,
  • Hi Arlowood

    I PM'd you and replied to this but the forum was down so I'm not sure whether you received it and my post didn't appear. I put something on hoping people may see a response there. Anyway, here is what I wrote about the Lincoln GP Sportive and the Leics SuperTour.

    I'm the organizer of the events you mention so hopefully I can clarify things a bit. The Lincoln short route is ideal for anyone new to cycling or getting back to fitness. It is mostly flat except the cobbled climb to the finish and is one of the quietest routes I've ridden and a really pleasant ride. Once away from Lincoln there is hardly any traffic and the roads are not bad given the weather. The long route hits the Wolds and is harder, but with three feeds it is acheivable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

    The Leics SuperTour entries are a bit low but there is plenty of time so I'm not too worried at the moment. I'm hoping that some of the riders from the Rutland and Lincoln events will enjoy them enough to enter the Super Tour. It does coincide with a few big events but its hard to find a weekend at that time of year that doesn't. Plenty of marketing to do yet as well.

    This event will not be cancelled under any circumstances, even if the entry in the first year is low and the event makes a loss. I intend to build it up over time as I think the routes are fantastic and will surprise people. Leics may not be a county people automatically head to for cycling, but I've put a lot of work into designing the routes and I'm confident that those who do enter will enjoy themselves.

    Hope Against Cancer are a small but growing local charity who really need exposure and the reason we are working together on this event is that a friend of mine in Velo Club Rutland suffers from chronic blood cancer and receives vital help from them. See for more info on Hope's work.

    All events can be entered at

    Any other questions just ask or contact me through the website.

  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
    Hi Ian

    Did get your PM while the site was down but was not sure if a reply would get to you.

    Thanks for the clarification - definitely on for the 55mile route on 12th June provided I can get the training in beforehand to avoid the "jelly leg syndrome".

    Have not tackled anything more than 40 miles and that was about 10 years ago on a British Heart Foundation charity ride in the Vale of Belvoir.
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