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Nearlly time to buy!!

MichMich Posts: 83
edited March 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hello everyone, In roughly 32 days i'll have the money to buy my new bike, Theres two that i keep going back to that i really like, just wondering what you guys think any any opinions you have on them both.
I think the VooDoo does it for me cause it looks absolutly gorgeous. It will be used on the roads as a work horse, And also at places like Canock chase.

Carrera Fury 09

VooDoo Bokor 2011



  • MichMich Posts: 83
    Anyone? Thoughts on the VooDoo.
  • they are pretty much the same bike tbh, similar brakes same fork etc. tbh, its up to you whether u want to spend the extra cause the voodoo looks nicer

    i would personally, cause i think the voodoo looks awesome, but bear in mind, ive been known to spend £30 on bolts, because they were orange, so maybe not the best advice from a financial sense.
  • MichMich Posts: 83
    If the financial side was put aside I think I may go for the VooDoo.
    I'm just really stuck between the two cause I've had my eye on the fury for sometime now but i've only recently seen the voodoo and fell in love with it's looks, and if you say there pretty much the same bike I think I may have to pay the extra for the looks.

    Another quick question cause I don't know what I'm looking for, can i change the inner tubes so i don't have presta valves (is that what they're called)

    Thanks again
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