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Headset issues specialized sirrus comp

da gooseda goose Posts: 284
edited March 2011 in Workshop
Trying to sort the headset which appear to be integrated.
Bearings knackered and in races as standard. The cups appear to be tricky to remove as very little surface to connect with for a removal tool, are they factory press fit?
Only option at the moment is replacement loose balls.
Is this a spesh problem or some magical way of removing cups?
Thanks :?


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Last Sirrus headset I dealt with was basically an integrated frame but with cups pressed in. Not external cups like a std headset but cups pressed right inside the frame so you couldn't see them from the outside. They ran an open-cage race directly on the cups, so were prone to wear and crud.

    I just whacked the cups out - as you say, it was a bit fiddly and they were tight - but once out, just fit normal integrated bearings, directly inside the frame. CRC have the bearings.

    search on FSA bearing (CRC is dog slow at the mo, so I can't give the URL.)

    Can't really understand why Spesh did it this way as it's a shoddy design and integrated bearings are cheap as chips but there you go.
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  • da gooseda goose Posts: 284
    Cheers for that..exactly as you said a trip to lbs and a drifting tool (note normal park head tool is too loose!!) and as above have fitted decent cane creek. sealed bearings...rteally poor spesh oe equipment...just started looking at the wheel/freehub both of which are trashed...oops!!
    God knows why they didn`t fit integrated from the start.
    Allez are just as shoddy having seen a few with issues of late. :lol:
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