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A bit confused over compatibility

JamesT20JamesT20 Posts: 16
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I currently have a Trek 1.5 which is set up with Shimano Tiagra so running 9 Speed, and on this I have the standard wheels it came with, which are coming to the end of life and also a set of fulcrum Racing 7. I have a friend who is looking to move on a 105 chain set plus a right hand shifter, left was broken in accident. As far as I am aware it will all be compatible. the issue is that there is also a Mavic askum wheel with a 10 speed cassette available as well, firstly could I run a 9 speed cassette on the mavic wheel and continue with the tiagra shifters or could I run a 10 speed cassette on the fulcrums and run the 105 shifters, which would mean looking for a 105 left shifter and also, Would it be worth paying out for the left 105 shifter and 10 speed chain.


  • Whether it's worth buying a 10 speed lever & chain is down to you.

    Benefits of 10 speed? One extra gear - or the same range with a smaller step between two of the rear sprockets.

    As for compatibility 10 speed cassettes are slightly narrower than 9 / 8 speed.

    Hence you can run 10 speed cassettes on basically any Shimano wheel, but you will need a 1mm spacer to take up the slack. So most wheels are 8, 9 & 10 speed compaible.
    Although there a few wheels on the market now that are 10 speed only. The freehub is smaller and there is no need for the spacer - but 9 speed cassettes won't fit.

    Why not stick to 9 speed and use the Fulcrum 7's? Probably better than the Aksium anyway.

    Or if you really want 10 speed - you can still use the Fulcrum's?
  • Thanks for the feed back. looks like a iv got a few options then. Iv currently only been running the fulcrums through the summer, and the other set through the winter, so with the originals on the way looks like I could run the mavic through the winter.

    Iv been looking at the 105 shifters and for the left hand shifter on the shimano website it suggests that it would work for both double and triple set ups but some retailers have 105 leavers listed for triple set ups and then others for double/compact set ups. what is the case here?
  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    You don't need a 10speed left shifter, your Tiagra one will continue fine - there's no difference in the front mech between 9 and 10 speed.
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  • I thought of running it that way, but are the hoods/leavers the same shape? could feel a bit awkward/odd if they were different.
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