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magicshine problem

R600R600 Posts: 13
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Got myself an mj-808 from DX. Got it on tuesday took out of box and connected it up and all was well. This morning was going to have a quick run out in the dark to see what it is like. and when i connected the battery to the light unit the light came on right away which it didn't do on tuesday. i then tried to change through the modes and it wouldn't change seems to be stuck on one mode. question is has anybody had this happen and has anybody had experience of returns to DX. Bit gutted really was going to be commuting tuesday onwards as i'm on dayshift. just have to put up with the smart halogens for a while longer. TIA


  • I have a P7 magicshine light - had it a bit over a year - all was well with the fixtures & fittings. Now, its problematic with the charging/swtching thru the modes/etc...
    I have found that if the battery is not fully charged - swtching thru modes is difficult, and the lamp comes on on connecting to the battery.
    IIRC there was mention before of a swtch issue last year by some peeps on here...
  • gilesjukgilesjuk Posts: 340
    I bought one for commuting, but I got fed up of removing it and charging it up.

    I ended up building a new front wheel with a Schmidt dynohub and fitted a Supernova E3 Pro front and rear light set. Best decision I ever made.

    I just jump on the bike and go somewhere, no batteries and I don't even need to switch it on or off I just leave the lights on so they run day and night.

    The capacitor standlight lasts about 4 or 5 minutes, so when you stop moving you still are light up.

    LED lights are very power efficient now and so dynamo lighting is much better than it used to be.

    A Supernova E3 triple is even good enough for off road racing.
  • mrbodlymrbodly Posts: 33
    Those dyno lights look spot on. If I had the spare cash I'd by a set-up myself.

    Didn't realise they'd generate so much light. Clearly gone are the days of an energy sapping bottle dynamo and p*ss poor flickering lights.

    How much was you hub? Did you build the wheel yourself.

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