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easton ea50sl

gazedsgazeds Posts: 182
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just taken the rear wheel in again to my Lbs to be straightened, the second time in 5 months, one spoke was completely loose. I am not really a heavy rider 174 lb's, but just wondering that once you start truing the wheel does it weaken the whole structure of the wheel, and just bite the bullet and bin it


  • Why bin it?

    If there has been any weakening it will be in the remaining spokes, why not ask the lbs to completely respoke the wheel because the rim and the hub will be fine.

    My lbs charges £12.00 to replace a spoke and true the wheel but they charge £23.00 to completely rebuild the wheel and they supply the spokes. I could choose to buy any spokes I wanted but when fitting to a commuter bike it didn't seem worth the effort.

    I did this to the rear wheels on both of my commuter bikes because I always commute in the dark and sometimes don't see the pot holes.

    Handbuilt wheels will always be stronger than factory ones anyway.
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