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Advice Needed!

Cross_TriCross_Tri Posts: 18
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Hey, I'm 24 and have been road cycling and competing in Sprint triathlons for little over a year.

I have been using a £300 road bike called k-lite elite. Its pretty heavy compared to most bikes and the shimano sora gears and brakes kept causing me problems.

I used an old raleigh bike for a duathlon recently and found the Triple front gears great for the tortorous hill on the course.

I want a bike that will be fast in triathlons and good for doing local tour races. I also like the idea of Triple front ring because we regulary tackle local mountains during training rides.

I originally looked at Trek 2.5 but its pretty expensive (probably due to the name) I have also been looking at BeOne Storm on Chainreactioncycles Website. It seems to have good specs. Ultegra groupset for under £1000!

My budget would be approx £1000. Any advice on what to invest in?
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Halford's apparently have a sale on Boardman's right now. £999 gets you a very decent bike. ... ce3b22633e

    Forget using a triple and learn to ride a double (or compact). Especially if you want to race.

    There are also about a hundred threads on here about 'what bike to buy for £1000'. Have a look around any you'll find a lot more info.
  • nax-iannax-ian Posts: 209
    Hi have a look over at Planet-X.
    You just might get a bit more for you money re. groupset , wheels and probably a full carbon frame, and then of course you'll drop a bit of weight over the Beone.
    Rode a Planet-X SL Pro last year. sweet ride, got me hooked on road cycling, now I've got something way too expensive!! And it took me to 12th place in my 1st duathlon.
    Another thing, consider a compact double( 50-34) up front looks more pro.
  • Thanks for the Advice folks.

    Really like the look of the Boardman Pro Carbon SRAM Force (£1279.99) and the Planet X SL Pro Carbon SRAM Red (£1199.99)...

    Can't see anything beating these two on price / quality. Anyone disagree???

    SRAM Red is obviously better than SRAM Force, however on reading a number of reviews I am making an opinion that the ritchey wheels on the boardman are better than the Planet X Model B wheels.

    Anyone have any opinion on which is the better bike??
    Planet X SL Pro Carbon SRAM Red
  • Hi, those bikes are all good. The advantage of the BeOne (or others on the site) is that if you go up to Dough you can have a test ride before puchase - just call them to make sure it's ready. I have the Storm with 105 and can't fault it.
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