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Who else is stuck in on their own tonight?

mattvmattv Posts: 992
edited December 2010 in The Crudcatcher
I am currently on the sofa with the remains of the christmas chocolate watching Die Hard, because today I have the last stage of flu and have hacked up about 1/3 my bodyweight in phlegm. Anyone else stuck at home?


  • coxy17coxy17 Posts: 401
    im in tonight worked til 6 tonight then in early tomorrow morning so im doing nothing
  • NachimirNachimir Posts: 126
    I've been to a lot of parties in the past two weeks, new year is always such an anti-climax, and the options in Nottingham tonight were so sh*t, that I decided to stay in and get loads done tomorrow.
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    8 week old boy doesnt care if its NYE, still wants feeding at 1am and 5am

    therefore im on BR at 11.43pm on NYE

    I am however enjoying some vino

    TBH i find NYE a bit of a damp squib these days.

    Great when you're single, but now i find it a rip off and full of c*nts.
  • I working for Police til 7am, deep joy!!!
    also had the man flu and been dead in bed for the last week, but work was short so had to come in.
    wooo happy new year all!
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